Sunday, December 16, 2012

The scene is finished!

 The animation is taking shape! Currently I'm testing out the shadows flickering from the fireplace and candles. I have a displacement map applied to the first dragons neck. I need to figure out why the software crashes when it animates(Should be fun). All the material are Vray materials with normals and cavity maps on most of them. 

For the scene, Vray was used. Irradiance map and Brute force were the indirect illumination methods. I wanted to make sure the bump detail really came through so I went with Brute force. The fire was fumefx which will be animated as well. Candles has sss on them. All the lights were rendered out separately as .exr then brought back together in Photoshop so I could control the lighting in post for this single image. Mostly Vray lights were used. A few spot lights were used to extend the light of the fireplace. 

Here are a few of the maps I created for the scene. They are all 4k. I down rezed them for the blog.

Wall normal

Dragon Neck normal

Dragon Head normal

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