Thursday, September 20, 2012

Swan Chair for the dragon fireplace scene.

I was shopping at the mall and saw a swan chair similar to the one that I created below. I started modeling it a few month ago and just now finished the texturing. The chair is a small piece for a larger scene. It will be in front of the dragon fireplace in the final render.

 3ds max and Zbrush was used for the modeing. Photoshop was used for the diffuse, spec and bump maps. 

V-Ray Materials were used for the chair. For the diffuse, I ran the textures through a V-Ray dirt map. The unoccluded areas had the normal diffuse texture and the areas on the model that were closer together(occluded), had a color corrected darker version of the original.

The wood  has a tiny bit of reflection. Just enough to catch a bit more lit so it didn't feel  flat. Also to give the appearance of oils and such collecting on the wood. The leather has a bit more reflection than the wood. The bump map helps a lot with the shader breaking up the reflection. 

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