Saturday, December 3, 2011

Creature Mother!

Look at this cute little guy. The moment I saw the concept for this creature, I had an urge to sculpt it. A friend of mine that I want to college with at CCAD, Kenji Bliss created the concept for him.  His concept is at the bottom of this post. Thank you again Kenji.

I started off with Sculptis. All the pieces were created from a sphere. Everything was retopoligized
with Topogun. The egg carrier is the only piece I uvmapped. I created the normal map for the low rez geometry with xnormal. The little cracks on the carrier came out really well for being a normal map. The render was created in 3ds max with Mental Ray using a daylight system and Final Gather.

Normal for egg carrier

 Kenji Bliss's Concept

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