Sunday, October 23, 2011

Commercials and Video Games

These environments are from G.H.O.S.T Chronically: Phantom of the Renascence Faire. I worked on this project about 2 years ago. I had a lot of different responsibilities for this project that ranged from, modeling, lighting, texturing, layout, animation and a bit of concept. Some of the environments were pre modeled then given to me to make tweaks or add models, texture and then light. Below each image is a brief explanation of what I was responsible for.

Modeled, Lit, Textured entire scene.

Modeled, Lit, Textured entire everything except: Donut cases, coffee machine, napkin holder, Pot and oven doors, broom, and cooking utensils. 

The scene came with the table, chairs, lanterns and cloth walls.
I modeled, textured everything else. I also lit the scene.

Modeled everything except little castle in foreground. 
Textured all elements and Lit scene. The textures for the books were done with a projection map.

Modeled the Dragon and circular stand hes on.

This image is from the Christopher Pop-in-Kins book commercial. I was contacted by Tom Richner, owner or Cap City Studios. He needed a warm, whimsical interior. The exterior is a image taken from the book. I was responsible for everything in the scene.

Below are images from the End of Nations trailer that I worked on. I was given very low rez game models and had to uprez them to work in the trailer. They were pretty much completely remodeled.

Modeled front tanks and helicopter.

Modeled tanks on right.

Did not model tires.

Did not model tires.

Here are a few images of a Toyota commercial I worked on. I modeled the whale. The wrinkles on chin were added later by another artist.


  1. dude! that looks really cool! nice work. like how the apache helicopter and the tanks turned out.

  2. Thank you Chris! I like those videos you have on your blog. It got me thinking of some projects I might want to do ;)