Sunday, December 18, 2011

BedTime Bunny Tales!!!!

After 3 long years of working in my free time, Bedtime Bunny Tales is finally out on the apple store. I did so much on this project. It was a long,hard, fun educational journey.
Please, check it out and I hope you enjoy the app. Below are some of the renders I wonder on.


Responsible for everything in scene.
Responsible for everything in scene.
Responsible for everything in scene.
 Responsible for everything in scene.
 Responsible for everything in scene.
                                             Responsible for everything except skin texture.
Responsible for everything in scene.
           Responsible for modeling/lighting/texturing/posing/fur for characters.
          Characters were composited into scene.                   
           Responsible for modeling/lighting/texturing/posing/fur for characters. 
          Characters were composited into scene. 
 Responsible for everything except texturing blanket and Pillows.

Modeled, Textured and created fur for character.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Creature Mother!

Look at this cute little guy. The moment I saw the concept for this creature, I had an urge to sculpt it. A friend of mine that I want to college with at CCAD, Kenji Bliss created the concept for him.  His concept is at the bottom of this post. Thank you again Kenji.

I started off with Sculptis. All the pieces were created from a sphere. Everything was retopoligized
with Topogun. The egg carrier is the only piece I uvmapped. I created the normal map for the low rez geometry with xnormal. The little cracks on the carrier came out really well for being a normal map. The render was created in 3ds max with Mental Ray using a daylight system and Final Gather.

Normal for egg carrier

 Kenji Bliss's Concept

Monday, November 21, 2011


This render was fun. I wanted to take a piece all the way through the pipeline.
I started off with another concept from Chris Oatley. He drew this gorgeous lion.

I sculpted the mesh in Sculptris, then retopologized in Topogun, Photoshop for the textures, then unwrapped the uvs in 3dsmax and used HairFarm (plugin for 3ds max) for the fur. Hair farm has a modeling feature that lets you create any shape and then convert it to a hair system. I added a bit of kink, frizz, and clusters to ruffle the mane up a bit. Hair for the face was simply brushed with a little frizz and kink to break up the hair so it wasn't so fine. Over all, there is about 6-8 different maps controlling the styling and length of this piece.

Final Render

Geometry preview of Lion's mane.

Hair preview in viewport.


                                                   Chris Oatley's Concept

Friday, November 4, 2011


A few months back I asked Chris Otaley if I could create some of his concept in 3d.
He was great and said yes. Here is the concept and what I came up with. Thanks again Chris.

Chris Otaley's concept

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Commercials and Video Games

These environments are from G.H.O.S.T Chronically: Phantom of the Renascence Faire. I worked on this project about 2 years ago. I had a lot of different responsibilities for this project that ranged from, modeling, lighting, texturing, layout, animation and a bit of concept. Some of the environments were pre modeled then given to me to make tweaks or add models, texture and then light. Below each image is a brief explanation of what I was responsible for.

Modeled, Lit, Textured entire scene.

Modeled, Lit, Textured entire everything except: Donut cases, coffee machine, napkin holder, Pot and oven doors, broom, and cooking utensils. 

The scene came with the table, chairs, lanterns and cloth walls.
I modeled, textured everything else. I also lit the scene.

Modeled everything except little castle in foreground. 
Textured all elements and Lit scene. The textures for the books were done with a projection map.

Modeled the Dragon and circular stand hes on.

This image is from the Christopher Pop-in-Kins book commercial. I was contacted by Tom Richner, owner or Cap City Studios. He needed a warm, whimsical interior. The exterior is a image taken from the book. I was responsible for everything in the scene.

Below are images from the End of Nations trailer that I worked on. I was given very low rez game models and had to uprez them to work in the trailer. They were pretty much completely remodeled.

Modeled front tanks and helicopter.

Modeled tanks on right.

Did not model tires.

Did not model tires.

Here are a few images of a Toyota commercial I worked on. I modeled the whale. The wrinkles on chin were added later by another artist.